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$ 59.00
High Quality Material 100% Made in Colombia.The TrueShapers® workout waist cincher is designed with a silky smooth exterior and flexible internal boning that gives you an hourglass look. Burn fat fast at the gym or get the ideal all day fit you were looking with this hourglass shaper. This Colombian...
$ 75.00
High Quality Material 100% Made in Colombia.Are you looking for a Steel boned cincher? This incredible TrueShapers® Workout corset will make your desired curves become real. The 10/10 ultra high compression 3 PLUS D™ technology shapes your body as if you were using an hourglass corset. Use this amazing TrueShapers®...
$ 59.00
High Quality Material 100% Made in Colombia.This high compression waist trainer by TrueShapers® is made out with a 3 structureD™ technology that gives you enough compression while feeling comfortable enough to move. This beautiful Non-Latex waist cincher will help you burn fat two times faster while you exercise and all...
$ 69.00
The Classic High Compression Waist Training Corset by TrueShapers® instantly gives you a natural sexy hourglass waist with the utmost comfort and compression. TrueShapers® is an innovator in creating a Waist Trainer Corset that has been specifically designed with a 3 Structure D™ technology creating a high compression garment that does not...
$ 67.15 $ 79.00
High Quality Material 100% Made in Colombia. The Classic Ultra High Compression Waist Shaper by TrueShapers® has that extra compression you’re currently looking for. Whether your looking for a regular size or a Plus Size, this Waist Cincher will shape your waist to your ideal slim hourglass figure with its new...
$ 59.00
High Quality Material 100% Made in Colombia. With this amazing workout waist trainer you will look slimmer than ever. The Ultra High Compression Weight loss corset shapes your body in a natural and comfortable way instantly looking up to two sizes smaller. This hourglass body shaper helps you burn extra...
$ 59.00
High Quality Material 100% Made in Colombia. The new TrueShapers® waist training corsets for sale now! This waist corset will instantly give you desired curves while the flexible internal boning trains your waist into an hourglass. Made out of 3 Structure D™ which combines three different materials, these waist shapers...
$ 59.00
High Quality Material 100% Made in Colombia. Can you imagine looking two sizes smaller? This workout waist training corset by TrueShapers® will help you burn two times more fat and look better than ever. The ultra high compression works as a stomach trainer flattening your midsection and back and helping...


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